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Thermonuclear illuminations, “where should I stand?”

Thermonuclear illuminations, “where should I stand?”

Robert R. Brownlee consults for the Department of Energy, has degrees from Sterling College, the University of Kansas, and Indiana University, principally Astronomy and Astrophysics. He spent his career at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, a navigator of B-29's during WWII, and was on the island of Tinian in the Marianas. His honors include being a National Foundation Fellow, a University Fellow, and having an Honorary Doctor of Science Degree from Sterling College. An asteroid even has the name “Asteroid 15970 Robertbrownlee” He was given the Distinguished Associate Award of the Department of Energy in 1993. At Los Alamos, an Alternate Division Leader of the Nuclear Test Division, and Division Leader of the Geosciences Division. Duties with the Joint Task Forces responsible for nuclear atmospheric testing in the Pacific, and was the Scientific Deputy Commander of Joint Task Force Eight . He has been a principal participant for more than 300 underground nuclear tests. a member of the US Delegation to the United Nations for the Geothermal Energy Program, American Astronomical Society, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, the International Astronomical Union, and the Royal Astronomical Society.

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